Hoagies 8x10 Digital Print

Hoagies 8x10 Digital Print


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Lunch buddies series.

This image features a sweet punk rock deer named Chad and the water spirit, Brandabeast. Below them is a stray dog that will later go on to save his adopted owner from a mountain lion attack. His name is Hoagie (the hero dog.) Each one of these lunch buddies is caught in a moment.

Chad keeps fueling himself with the same obsessive thoughts on weather and storms and is unable to actually take action toward his punk rock ideals of rebellion, anti-authoritarianism, and individualism.

Brandabeast is so in hopelessly in love with his 12-inch veggie sub on a crispy french baguette. He wonders if he will ever eat enough to be satisfied so he can return to his duty as water spirit.

Sweet Hoagie (the hero dog) keeps a keen eye out for a lonely human who will invite him into their heart.