Artist Statement

Artist Statement 2011
I am a mixed media painter, working with graphite, acrylic, ink, and epoxy resin to create a catalogue of images that convey my perceptions. Images are often repeated, developing conclusions that point to the unnatural and destructive behavior of humanity, whose collective view insists on being the exception to the laws of nature. My most recent work delves further into the imaginative world of the individual characters and their personal struggle to understand their unique potential. Often realized as human-animal hybrids, they attempt to make sense of the reality they are presented with. The characters evolve and shift seeking some sort of resolution, but they are often faced with difficulty.
The characters seem disturbed, yet are set in a familiar illustrative context. The combination of layered materials and concentrated attention inextricably link the process of automatic drawing and repetition to the preoccupation with finding meaning and satisfaction within the act of creation.
The characters are formed from daily social observations and experiences, and are fed by my own paranoia and curiosity. Often befuddled and daydreaming, the characters are embalmed in a resin pool applied to the surface.


Born Mount Laurel, NJ, 1979
Exhibitions/Performances (Solo Shows *)


Newsworthy Drawing Club Annual Book Release (December)

Harvest Records Asheville, NC

Arts of Darkness (October)

PUSH Gallery Asheville, NC

*Dramatic Reconciliation (August)

OverEasy Cafe Asheville, NC

Mobs and Mollusks (July)

Clingman Cafe Asheville, NC

*Curious Glow (May 6-June 1)

Urban Artware Winston-Salem, NC

*Suspended Brains (April 4-April 30)

The ArtsCenter Carrboro, NC

*Sudden Bursts (September 12-January 21, 2011 )
Early Girl Asheville, NC

Newsworthy: A Year in Pictures (December 10- Jan. 10, 2011 )
Harvest Records Asheville, NC
Ladylike (October 8- November 21 )
Satellite Gallery Asheville, NC
*Safety Goggles and Sharp Teeth! (September 1-30 )
Old City Java Knoxville, TN

Moral Universe (September 3- 29 )
Woolworth Gallery Asheville, NC

Imaginary Friends (August 1-31 )
Clingman Cafe Asheville, NC

*Aimlessly Alive(August 1-30 )

Over Easy Café Asheville, NC

Of The Three (April 2- May 29 )

Rebus Works Raleigh, NC

*Doomed Mammals (March 6- May 2 )

Tomato Head Knoxville, TN

Volume 20 Art Show(May 30- July 22 )

ArtFuel, Inc Wilmington, NC

*Compatibility Test (February 22- May 5 )

Eclipse Salon Asheville, NC

Newsworthy: A Year in Pictures (January 2- February 5 )

Bobo Gallery Asheville, NC

A Bestiary (September 27-October 25) 
Pomme Brooklyn, NY

Selected Works (June 1-present) 
Urban Artware Winston Salem, NC

Selected Works (June 1-present) 
Canvas Monkey Charlotte, NC

Here Be Monsters: An Abridged Bestiary of Contemporary
Monsters, Both Real and Imagined (March 7-April 2) 
Flanders 311 Raleigh, NC

*Reluctant Passengers (March 1- May 4)
Tomato Head Knoxville and Maryville, TN

Conjoined and Congealed (December 13-January 4) 
Bobo Gallery Asheville, NC
Dead Eyes (October 12- September 6)
Woolworth Walk’s Front Gallery Asheville, NC
*Peaceful Until Provoked (September- October)
Early Girl Eatery Asheville, NC
Selected Works (July 2007-present)
Rebus Works Raleigh, NC
Your Finger is A Cuss Word (July- August)
BoBo Gallery Asheville, NC
Faith, Truth, and Uncertainty (July 13-August 21)
Chapel Hill Public Arts Commission Chapel Hill, NC
Art-O-Mat “Beasts” (June-present)
Various Locations USA
Segment 16 Presents “Inch Worm” (March)
Harvest Records Asheville, NC
Segment 16 Presents “Love Child” (February)
Push Gallery Asheville, NC
*Bumblefooted (January 6- February 3)
Tomato Head Knoxville, TN

Art-O-Mat “Segment Society” (October)
Various Locations USA
*Continuous Narrative (February 27 –January 15)
Early Girl Asheville, NC
Segment 16 Presents “Virgin Birth” (March 17-April 17)
PUSH Gallery Asheville, NC
Segment 16 Artist Collective Formed (October)
Asheville, NC
*Satisfaction Survey (October 6-November 3)
Harvest Records Asheville, NC
Altars of Alternative Religions (November 16- December 30)
Sky People Gallery Asheville, NC
Benefit for Annya Gutierrez (November 13)
The Big Idea Asheville, NC
*Show Your Teeth (November 1-30)
Montford Art Center Asheville, NC
MA Thesis Show (August 2—6)
80 Washington Square Galleries New York University New York, NY
Summer Show (August 23-27)
Intituto Universitario di Architettura Venice, Italy
Clara E Gli Americani Autori-Tratto (July 5-9)
Salone Dell’aab Brescia, Italy
Delusions of Grandeur (April 19-May 10)
South of Howard, Hibbing, MN
Corner Booth Performance Project (December-June)
253 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, NY
Masters of Art in Studio Art (August 2004)
New York University New York, NY
Bachelors of Science in Art Education (May 2001)
State University of New York at New Paltz