Fake Whiskers at The Grit

03.22.2015 - 12:00 am

Fake Whiskers
New and selected works by Julie Armbruster
The Grit 199 Prince Ave. Athens, GA

Julie Armbruster will debut her new exhibit at the Grit in Athens, Georgia in April.

A guitar playing deer, a goggled orange dog, and a mesmerized crowd of night swimmers are just a few of the quirky characters featured in Armbruster’s newest show, Fake Whiskers. The title of the show refers to a specific panel in which the main character is sporting some taped on whiskers and trying to convince a skeptical top-jumper of the value of acting out one’s absurd fancies. Being strange is a recurring theme in the work and is a great motto to live by, according to the artist. “If there is one thing I’ve learned from my characters, it is the power and confidence embracing your inner weirdo projects. If we could only let it happen more often!!”
The show will feature 14 new painted panels, a few drawings and selected works, and some framed giclee prints.

The show will be up in the dining rooms at the Grit from dinner on April 19th through lunch on May 10th. Please feel free to contact the artist with questions or sales inquires.